Free DVD instructions

When we arrived home after our trip, we went through our photos and discovered that we had taken thousands of photos.

We wanted to put together a slideshow of the highlights for the blog, but it turned out to not be possible.  After keeping only (what we felt) were the best photos, there were 950 pictures.

So, I put them in a slideshow with each photo showing only for a few seconds, added Key West Music, and the whole thing runs about the length of a movie.  One hour, seventeen minutes, served best with a glass of wine.

They are free for the asking, just mail me a blank DVD in a sleeve or case with a self addressed return mailer (stamped) and I will burn you a copy and drop in the mailbox.

If you are in the US, do the same, and use US stamps, I will drop in a mailbox when I get in the states, usually weekly now that I am back trucking.

Feel free to leave comments about the DVD after you’ve seen it.

Or, feel free to go to the link on the sidebar for the Potogold Slideshow, and you can watch right now!!  (new, Dec 2010)

Thanks everyone!!

Joe Amelia

17 Inkerman Rd., PO Box 6,

Crapaud, PEI Canada

C0A 1J0

One Response to “Free DVD instructions”

  1. Greg Vernon Says:

    I just shot off an email requesting a DVD of the photos. Now I see this. I will follow your instructions for the request.
    Thank you. Carl and Greg Vernon in Panama city, FL

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