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“Pot ‘O’ Gold” is a 1969 30’ Morgan sailboat that we purchased in 2002 in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, and had it trucked to PEI and placed beside our house in DeSable while we did the necessary upgrades.  The boat was rock solid, but had no upgrades done to it since original.  Over the next year and a half, we upgraded the:

Roller Furling (Simplicite).
Windlass (non electric, chain and line), added a 33 lb imitation Bruce, 100’ chain, Danforth, 250’ rode.
Replaced all halyards, sheets with new.
Cleaned and rebuilt head, holding tank.
Repaired main water holding tank (100 gal), installed new 10 gal freshwater holding tank.  Installed new electric pump for fresh water to galley sink, installed new hand pump & lines to galley sink.
Installed cold plate in ice box (later removed, returned to ice box/storage and installed new Waeco fridge).
Installed new two burner non pressurized alcohol stove.
Installed new lights in the galley, sitting area, V Berth (reading lights), nav area, both quarterberths.
New wiring through a circuit breaker.  New 120 V AC plug and connector.  Switch for two battery bank system, 275 AH house bank.  115 Watt Solar Panel, Wind generator, solar controller (burnt out when we got in Florida, strong winds and sun together is more than the 21 AMP unit I had, is now a Xantrex 40 AMP). 1500 W inverter, 300 W inverter.

Custom sternrail that supports the wind generator, solar panel, and dingy davits.  I had it made for the small hard shell dingy I had at the time, it does not hold the new inflatable dingy in the air, but I use it to lift and tow, and it works well).

2 new opening Beckson Portlights with screens.

Re-cover all cushions, new curtains, and new memory foam mattress for V-Berth.
New “Natty” Dodger.
New 3 bladed bronze prop (the folding 2 blade prop kept as a spare).  New cutlass bearing & shaft.

The boat is 30 feet long, 10 foot beam, and weighs 10,500 lbs (with empty tanks).

What I did not have surveyed when I purchased her was the engine, as I took it for granted I would have to repower.  After it arrived, and the engine ran (albeit with issues), we determined we would keep the engine and learn about it and get to know it.  The list of work to the atomic 4 gasoline engine is long, and can be viewed at


in addition, during this cruise there was more work done including replacing the head gasket and head, rebuilding the fuel pump and carburetor.

While getting near Drummond Island, Michigan to clear customs, we hit the rocks and had to be towed off.  At this time, the centerboard was restored to as new condition, the centerboard box was rebuilt, the bottom of the keel rebuilt, a new rudder was installed, and a new tiller was installed.  Photos are on the blog.

We have been preparing for this trip for over 5 years with this boat, and are two thirds of the way through our trip, and everything is performing wonderful.  Although the specs for the boat say it will sleep 6, we say it will sleep 2.

The deck logs of our 3 break in cruises, one to the Isles de la Madelline, one to the Bras d’or Lakes, and one to the Atlantic Ocean, can be read by clicking on them on the sidebar, under “Shakedown Cruises”.  They make fun reading, and demonstrate just how little I know.  They also show what a good sport MBA is.

Pictures of the boat, us, and our family are below with captions.

To email, check the front page of the blog.  Thanks for reading.

Joe & Mary Beth Amelia
S/V “Pot ‘O’ Gold” currently in “paradise”, Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, FL waiting for warm winds

3 Responses to “About “Pot ‘O’ Gold” and Joe & MBA”

  1. ruth ann Says:

    just got computer checking out your site.call me!

  2. pete edmonds Says:

    I read the whole thing start to finish, and want to do the same thing. If you dont mind me asking what did this trip cost you less of course the new bottom job? 14 months away from home is kind of hard to budget around Thanks pete

  3. Antonio Brum Says:

    I was looking at your logs and realized I could have invited you for Thanksgiving at my house when you where in Shalimar.
    I had my boat at that marina. (blue Pearson Triton) in the very back of the marina.
    I also realized that you anchored right across from my fire station, on the night of November 21, 2008. I was at work that night and you could have come over for for a hot drink.
    If you remember a very tall tower across the way is my building on Air Force property.
    Small world
    I dont understand why you went back home Buuuuuuuurrrrr.
    PS there is no river in that location.

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