Atomic 4 refit

New photos are added, the July 4th weekend I started wire wheel grinding, it is coming off great.  There was a fairly thick paint on the engine.

I am absolutely convinced the oil leak was in the rear seal, that is the only place wet with oil all around.  The new seals will fix this.

In the photos you will see I have had the starter and alternator rebuilt, and purchased a new alternator (not sure why, spare I guess).  The new parts and gaskets from Moyer are in, and I have decided to install the new carb I purchased a few months ago.

After a lot of thought, I ordered a POR-15 engine paint kit, with white enamel, hope it turns out.

I need to get some paper coveralls and a shop vac for next trip home, when I hope to finish the wire wheel grinding, small wire brushing, and give the engine the base coat of POR cleaner degreaser.

I was out walking around the marina yesterday, sure do miss it.  Oh well, it won’t be long now………………..

Joe Amelia

S/V “Pot ‘O’ Gold”

Today, June 15, 2010, almost a year to the day our trip finished, I pulled the engine out of the boat, and am beginning to take her apart, clean her up, paint her, and replace her.

I removed all the wires from the engine, tagging each one with a label, and taking pictures of where the wire came from.  Any parts (bolts, nuts, shims, etc) are put in a baggie, and labeled.

I have removed the starter for rebuild, the alternator is being stubborn, the carb and water pump are removed.

The engine is bolted to a board across two sawhorses, and will remain there while I remove everything, clean the inside, sand and paint, and replace all parts, including a new carb, purchased just for this job.

The engine room can now be washed, painted and cleaned.  I was extremely pleased that the bed for the engine (wood) is still solid and not rotted at all, as were the bolts holding the engine in place.  After 40 years, that was great news!!

I will take pictures, and talk about this refit as it happens.


3 Responses to “Atomic 4 refit”

  1. Ed Duffee Says:

    Looking forward to reading about your progress.


  2. Butch Petty Says:

    Been working on my Hughes 38 for two years. Donw to the last item…..the Atomic 4. I am in the same boat with you so to speak. 🙂


  3. David Says:

    I ve got a 1975 Morgan 300 Classic with the Spirit of 76 layout. It got water in the boat couple years back with the previous owner (I m the 2nd owner) which ruined the Atomic 4…I picked up a good used motor today and am beginning the process of rebuilding it to put in the boat. I ll be watching your blogs and such to see if we run into any of the same issues. I managed to come into some of the original Universal Manuals on the Atomic 4 as well as some aftermarket’if you run into any issues-gimmie a shout.I even have wireing diagrams for the engine harness and control panel. fair winds,David

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