Atomic 4 refit page 2

Now the work starts.  After removing the rear transmission cover to install the new rear seal, I decided to install the ‘better’ brace pin for reversing gear.  This is done because the old style brace pin will apparently fall out sometimes, leaving me with no reverse.  This has never happened to me, nor has it ever been a problem, and when I tried to remove the old pin, could not get it out.

I decided to forgo that project, and moved on to installing the new seal.  I had some help from a surgeon to do this, and was glad he was there.  It took a much finer touch than I had with the hammer and block of wood!!

Removing the rear coupling from the seal cover turned out to be much easier than I had expected, I used an oil filter wrench to hold the coupling, and turned the 1 1/8 ” nut with a wrench (after turning the tabs on the lock washer).  All the bolts turned easily.

I then boiled the removed parts in vinegar to clean, and  scraped and started using the POR-15 system to paint the parts.

The POR-15 system came in a box, with marine engine cleaner, metal etcher, primer, and paint.  Also included was solvent for cleanup, dust mask, gloves and instructions.  It was complete!

So far, the parts look great!

Next step is the engine itself.

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  1. Janet Rollins Says:

    Good article!

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