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The year of 2011 is at an end

December 26, 2011

What a year this was!! We followed our Loop path by truck, we got to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry, we got to Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam, we had boaters that were doing the Down East Loop visit this summer, we had friends that we met on the Loop in 08 – 09 come for a visit.

Our book is now available on the ipad!! So cool and waaayyyy cheaper, still get it from Blurb (link on side of page).

Mary Beth hosted a radio program with AGLCA about doing the Loop from a womans point of view, and we got a new truck. WOW, we had an incredible year.

On a sadder note, we lost Mary Beth’s father but will have wonderful memories.

Mary Beth has learned to cook on the truck, and does a grand job of it, check the photo.

Hennepin, the Statue, the bridge, Benton Harbor and the rest brought back some memories, remember the blog (it still there on the sidebar)

Charlie and Bonnie Burke did the downeast Loop this year, and stopped in for a visit and some fresh Lobster. It so happened we were having a family reunion at the time, so a lot of fun was had by all!! Ever seen a clam’s tongue, wow, was it ever big. We learned how to draw it out.

Took a truck trip to Vegas, visited the casino (no one told me no pictures!!), tried my luck at craps, visited the Hoover Dam, went for a helicopter ride, drove through Colorado and some incredible mountains. Picked up a reload in Los Angeles. Was amazed by the brochures of “White Water Rafting on the Colorado”, turns out it was little more than a creek where we saw them doing this, but I’m sure it was fun enough!!

Linda Redman (remember Ron and Linda from St. Augusting and Skull Creek? If not, you need to read the Loop postings again 😉 came for a visit. We stayed with her and visited when we went to South Carolina, and she came to visit us on PEI this summer. MBA and Linda did the tourist thing here, and had a lot of fun, then mussels and lobster for dinner, and of course, Anne of Green Gables and a show at the College of Piping.

Colin and Pat (Lady Margaret) came for a visit, and we had a great time!! Learned about the French Naval Ensign, it’s a white flag. Can you imagine running around in a warship with a pure white flag flying in times of trouble?? Go figure.

We stop in and see Colin and Pat when we go through Hamilton, so it was a real treat to see them here. They are finished cruising, and have sold ‘Lady Margaret’ to someone on the East Coast, perhaps we’ll hail her one day while sailing.

We arrived in Dallas Texas for a trip this year, we saw a beautiful rainbow (reminded us of our “Pot ‘O’ Gold”, and we got a new truck, so we are committed to running the roads for a few more years.

When we met with the owner of the company we drive for last July to discuss our new truck, I overheard him coming up the stairs explaining to someone he had come over to meet with “Mary Beth and whatshisface”.

That’s why there is the picture of MBA and Ted Fleming (the owner) with the new truck. I’m sure if it was just me I would still be in a fleet truck!

One sidenote, while MBA was home playing ‘grandma’, I stopped to visit my nieces and family in Chatham and somehow got coerced into a tree climbing contest with my 15 year old niece. I WON!! See how I got to the top?? Of course, I cracked two ribs and bloodied my legs coming down. No alcohol involved that day!!!

The last picture is our first blizzard of 2011, winter is starting, which brings us closer to next summer.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2012, stay safe, think of us when you see a big truck, and for goodness sakes, LEARN HOW TO MERGE if you don’t already know.

Love Joe & Mary Beth Amelia
S/V “Pot ‘O’ Gold”