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"Pot 'O' Gold" in Paradise

the route we took

Trip finished, got our gold burgee


I did it!!  Actually, my son did.  I was able to make the DVD into a playable video, and make it small enough for download.

It’s still quite big, 178 MB, but small enough that I could upload it to Google, and now you can watch it without having to mail envelopes around.

I will leave the DVD page and info up, as I will still be happy to mail anyone one that follows the directions on the page, see the sidebar.

To watch the video, (perhaps you can download it, I haven’t checked that out yet) follow the directions on the sidebar under “Video’s” and click on the Potogold slideshow.

I ask that you leave a comment after watching it!

A weekend in South Carolina

Back to the beauty of the Carolina’s, what wonderful memories they brought back.

We met up with Linda, you may remember her from our blog while in Fort Pierce, and then toured St. Augustine with both Ron and Linda. Some of you have seen their photos on the DVD (have you got yours yet, its free, read directions on the sidebar to get, I’m working on some space to upload it for download).

We stayed at their dock at Hilton Head (Skull Creek) for a few days, what fun and generous folks they are!

Unfortunately, we never get close to Beaufort, we would dearly love to get close for another get together with Chuck and Claria Gorgon, also in SC.

While there, we went to our first University Football game, (Clemson U), those folks are nuts! Over 85,000 people, all dressed in orange, tailgateing in tents, watching the game on TV with generators, what a hoot it was to see it all. We didn’t stay for the game, instead we went for BBQ (the noun, not the adjective) at a great place was wasn’t busy due to the game, then off for a Pontoon Boat Ride with Linda on their Lake behind her house.

Thanks Linda for the great activities, and wonderful memories. Too bad we missed Ron, who was out cruising, off to the Turks and Caico’s.

This blog is still doing great, some folks are still finding it interesting, we have almost reached the 40,000 mark, so I’m still leaving it up.

All the freebee’s are still there, you can still get the DVD, download the video’s, and the GPS track, and read the book online, or download it for free (or you can buy the hardcopy, still expensive, but make’s a nice coffee table book I’m told, there actually have been some sell).

“Pot ‘O’ Gold” is still undergoing refit, the engine has been removed, cleaned, painted, and new parts installed and ready for replacement next spring.

A new (electric) windlass and autopilot (heavier duty) have been procured and are ready for installation. Some new wiring, paint, and woodwork, and she’ll be ready for her next adventure!!

But will we?? Probably not for a few years, our plan is to enjoy our home waters for a couple years, then spend a few years moving her back south (two weeks a year), then in our old age winter in the south.

That’s what makes life exciting, things can always change. We still belong to the Great Loop Group, and get their emails daily, including Tom’s weather musings on the state of the Gulf for crossing, and answers to that age old question, “What is the best boat for doing the Loop”?

Our grandchildren are growing up, our second son got married this summer, and our youngest son graduates university (Concordia, Montreal) this month.

Amazing, everyone around me is getting older.


I have received several emails asking me about ‘the Green Flash’ we saw in the Marqueses while returning from the Dry Tortugas.  You can read more on the Dry Tortuga side trip.
I put together a video explaining what the Green Flash is, you can click on the sidebar “The Green Flash” under video’s, and new items to view.
You can follow the refit (starting with the A4) by clicking on the link on the sidebar, entitled ‘refit’).
Today, June 15, 2010, visitors to this blog passed 32,283 with the record day being Feb. 21, 2010 the day after the Fredericton Power Squadron Presentation, 519 visitors came to the blog.  (The previous record was 493 in March of 2009, while the trip was still on!)
I am currently leaving the entire blog up, including the free DVD’s, free preview of the entire book, free download of the entire book, free download of the track of  ”Pot ‘O’ Gold” (in Garmin format, you can upload it to most maps and charts, including Goodle Earth).
You can watch several video’s we made enroute, you can read articles we published, and articles that were published about us.
You can go online with googlemaps and see where we anchored every night for the trip.  You can read about the Power Squadron seminars we gave, and if there is demand, I will post the Power Point Presentations we gave.
WOW is all I can say.  The presentations are over, the trip is done, and now, the refit has started.
For as long as folks keep coming to the blog, it will stay up.  After that, it will probably fade into oblivion.
What an absolutely incredible adventure it has been, I can only thank YOU for watching, reading, and extending the fun for us.
Joe & Mary Beth Amelia
S/V “Pot ‘O’ Gold”
Make sure to check out the NEW ITEMS section on the right.
You can read the entire blog.  I will leave it posted for now, as there are still hundreds of people a week reading it.
To view the blog from the beginning, go to the list (or drop down box) on the right and start with April 2008.  The older posts are at the bottom of the page.
We have had our book printed, and given copies to our family.  I have left a link up so anyone can buy it (expensive!).  If you click on the button, you can click on ‘preview the book’ and read the whole thing online for free.  Now how cool is that!
Make absolutely sure you read the page 2 paragraph titled “Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion” copied directly out of the Captains Log, it is a list of the split duties on “Pot ‘O’ Gold” for the trip.
We are currently back on the truck, driving for Caldwell Transport.
I hope you enjoy the blog, please leave a comment or send me an email, we love to hear from everyone!!
Keep an eye on the sidebar for new links.



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