“Pot ‘O’ Gold” Front Page II

It is with regret that we are putting “Pot ‘O’ Gold” for sale.

Full listing available at:

Details on the boat are on the about me page.
Details on the engine are on the sidebar atomic 4 pages.
Details on the bottom rebuild are on the repairs in Drummond Island page.
The engine is sitting at home in Crapaud.
The boat is on her cradle in Souris, looking sad to not be in the water.
The boat has been sitting for two years now, and is dirty! She needs to be loved.
The ad (you will probably have to copy and paste into your browser) is:

I can easiest be reached by email:

Exciting new things are still happening!!

AGLCA is now hosting an online weekly radio show, and Mary Beth and I will be co hosting their third show.  There is a link on the sidebar to listen to the show, or you can get there from the AGLCA page, just click on the side.

The show runs weekly, every Friday at 10 am Eastern time.  We are scheduled to be on March 25, 2011.

Our blog has now had over 40,500 visitors, WOW.  Every once in a while the number of folks visiting spikes to well over 100 in a day, not sure how that happens, but it does.

The new stuff is still there, the DVD is still available, (although you can download it now).  As far as I can tell, every link on this site works, if any doesn’t, please email me to update it.

MBA and I are still travelling North America by truck, hauling our 53′ trailer full of goods to new and strange places.

The engine for “Pot ‘O’ Gold” is ready to go back in, if and when Spring ever arrives.  Then we start the refit list.  Still unsure where (and if) she will be going anywhere, certainly not for the next few years.

We still get emails from the cruisers, and do miss it so!

Have a great Spring everyone!

Joe & Mary Beth Amelia


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