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  1. Buzz Gentes Says:

    I am starting the great loop the first week in October. Leaving from East Peoria on the Illinois river. What kind of problems would I expect from St. Louis to Kentucky Lake? Down the Mississippi and up the Ohio. The unusual thing is, my boat is a 15 foot sailboat, no sails, has a swing keel
    and rudder. Powered with two 2hp Honda outboards that are connected to the rudder for steering control. Have been running on the Illinois river for 30 days now no problem- up stream or down. But the Mississippi and Ohio are different. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I know about the lack of marinas but am unsure of the currents and places to anchor at night. I get approx 35 miles to the gallon so gas is not a problem. Would travel approx. 35 to 45 miles a day.

    Thank You for your time
    Buzz Gentes

    I enjoyed reading about your trip, very well done.

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