Lady Liberty, put a check mark here

One of the items on my ‘bucket list’ are (were) to anchor under the Statue of Liberty.  The symbol of freedom and opportunity in the world that brought immigrants here to build the America’s, including my grandfather.  Well, a check mark goes here, we did it.

Entering New York harbor required watching the tide and current tables, so we anchored in sight of the Verrazano Bridge and waiting several hours.  I tried fishing; I think the fish left New York years ago.

When the tide shifted, we motored in, eyes wide with delight at the huge buildings, traffic, ferries and people.  When we got closer, our eyes were wide not with delight, but fear and concentration.  There are so many buildings, traffic, ferries and people.  Every one of them believes they have the right of way, and have absolutely no reason to slow down or change course, so they don’t.

We were caught once in St. Georges Bay in the Gulf of St. Lawrence with 10 foot breaking waves, and that is exactly what the close ferry wake is like when you can’t get out of their way.  Good thing “Pot ‘O’ Gold” is a sturdy old boat.

We arrived at the Statue of Liberty in late afternoon, and moved right in beside her, along with (what seemed like) 200 ferries of tourists, after all, it was Memorial Day.  We took pictures, admired her, thought of the past, and then, to my horror, realized that the flame she is holding is FAKE.  All my life, I thought the flame was real.  Ah well, another letdown and highlight at the same time.

We anchored in a basin behind the Statue; we were the only boat there for the night, strong winds kept us awake.  I tried to get pictures with the Lady all lit up at night, but they didn’t turn out.  The pictures are in my memory, and the photo of the sunset is incredible.

Leaving New York harbor, we had to go  by Manhattan, right past the Empire State Building, then through an area on the East River called ‘Hells Gate’ (true, check the charts).  This area has very fast currents, and must be navigated at the correct time, which for us meant we had to leave the anchorage at 05:30.  Our speed reached 11 knots through this area.  What a ride!

Upon leaving New York City into Long Island Sound, the tide and current changed, and we had 20 knot winds on our nose, so we stopped in a quiet anchorage for the day and night.  We’ll be moving towards Cape Cod this week.

It was such an exciting couple days; I wanted a separate blog entry.  Have fun, everyone.

Joe & Mary Beth

One Response to “Lady Liberty, put a check mark here”

  1. Rose&Gary Oles "Rose's Pick" Says:

    Hi Joe & Marybeth, glad to hear you made it to the Statue of Liberty. You have been moving right along. We are back in Michigan. We left our boat in Indiantown, Florida and rented a van and headed home with our things. We needed a break and thought we would spend the summer home. We plan on heading back to Florida when it gets cold. It was fun knowing you two. We are following your blog. So take care. Rose & Gary

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