Life is not about avoiding the storms

Life is not about avoiding the storms; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.
Author unknown

The trip through North Carolina certainly had to do with storms.  Gone are the fresh breezes of the Keys, with gentle lapping rain that only lasts a few minutes.  One thunderstorm caught us so hard we had to drop anchor in the river, when I tried to get out of the channel it was too shallow to navigate, so we dropped anchor on the edge of the channel and kept a “securite, securite, securite” call out on the VHF for safety.  It is a strange feeling being out on the water alone, with a 45 foot metal stick pointing at the sky, saying “I dare you” to the lightning.

We finished the day, and moved on only to sit out another thunderstorm; we pulled into a marina and sat this one out with other (higher) masts around us.
So far we have been successful at staying at free city docks for our supplies, and the one very inexpensive and nice marina.

We crossed Albemarle Bay under sail and had a wonderful day, only to arrive at a city called the “Harbor of Hospitality”, in Elizabeth City, NC.  Free City docks, the mayor himself was on hand to tie up boats.  There was a wine and strawberry party for the arriving boaters, where the ladies were given a rose, we were all given a welcome and verbal tour of the town of 20,000 people.  They call these parties and welcome the ‘Rose Buddies’ which were started years ago to welcome boaters.  This city found out a long time ago, that cruisers have to spend money too, and will spend it where they are wanted.  Cruisers provide a lot of economic spinoff to this welcoming community.

One dockhand gave me a ride to the Gas station to buy fuel and ice, the grocery store came and picked MB up and brought her back to the boat for groceries, we visited the Museum, and then went to have dinner with “Blackbeard and his crew”.  It turns out that Blackbeard was killed in this area (Ocracoke in 1718), and it is believed that some of his booty is buried near here.  It made for a good time, of course we had “bar-b-que” for supper and after dinner, some wenches were auctioned off.  Check out the video of the Pirates singing on the sidebar.

Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first manned motorized flight in Dare County (in this area) December 17, 1903, so the museum had lots of history to show.  North Carolina sent their men to both sides in the civil war; there are lots of displays for that as well.

Tomorrow is “Potato Festival Day”; apparently they grow a lot of potatoes in this area.  Since we are from PEI where we also grow a lot of potatoes, we absolutely have to stay and watch the boat races (speedboats), the Moth Boat Races (one man sailboats designed and built in this area), free French fries, live music and a potato peeling contest, all on the waterfront, it should be a grand time.

Then we will be on our way again, headed up the “Dismal Swamp” Canal.
We’re starting to see a mist on the water in the cool mornings; we are in no hurry to see the fog start.

I hope everyone is having a good spring, we still are!

Love Joe & Mary Beth S/V “Pot ‘O’ Gold”

One Response to “Life is not about avoiding the storms”

  1. Janet Raiger Says:

    Hi Joe and MB,

    Aunt Louise and Tina and Byron came by for a nice visit in Sarnia yesterday with our family and my mom (Aunt Edith).
    Tina told me about your trip, so I have been reading your blog.
    What a great adventure!!
    Take care and I look forward to reading about your trip.


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