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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi MaryBeth & Joe

    Just Amy here. Still trucking along I see!!. Thats great!. Glad to here MB you can finally sigh a relief of no more lockes to put put through. Now its open ocean Yeee Hawww Giver. Maybe you’ll get some picture’s of dolphins or Swordfishes or I don’t want to say it but SHARKS that would be awesome. Todds out bow hunting for deer,and the last weeeeeek. Hasn’t got one yet but have seen lots. When he was coming home the other night he seen a big buck in our back field they are ruting now or how every you say it. Put it this way they just want a piece of white tail. Instead of going all the way to Bothwell and Wheatly he will ask Larry our neighbour if he can hunt in the back yard. Keep up the blog I look forward to coming home off midnights and reading them. Joe you best turn this into a book when you are finished this journey. LOVE TO YUO BOTH AMYxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxox

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