A Waiting Week

It has been over a week, and we are in a waiting mode (still).

Most of the other Loopers we have met on the trip have come and gone from Drummond, most of them in two groups.  We went to dinner with both groups, said our goodbyes (everyone hopes temporarily, and we’ll meet again at Joe Wheeler State Park in Tennessee).  There was lots of reminiscing about all the boats that have gone on the rocks (there were 4 others than sank the week we went down), and most of the Loopers have had to stop for a few days to pull their props to replace or repair.  So far, to the best of our knowledge, we are the only ones losing several weeks.

To Sandpiper (Ann and Rob), Mojo (Rick & Randy), Highlander (Charles & Jeannette), Grettatude (David and Gretta), Grace Full (Leslie & Flint), Bella Luna (Diane & Lewis), Grape Escape (Terry & Jan), PrimeTime (Gary & Patricia), Paradigm (Jeff & Emily) and Adamant I (Pat & Lynn, the Canadians), we hope to see you all on the way.

We finally met another boat from Canada doing the Loop.  They just left Midland about 2 weeks ago, so they are just getting started.

The insurance company was not happy with the estimate received for the boat repairs, so they are sending their own appraiser out on Monday (Aug 18)  so they say.  That will make it 10 days sitting here, just waiting.  If we can get the authorization to start, all will not be lost.  Catalina Yachts in Florida have purchased the Morgan molds, and have the mold to make the new rudder.  The fiberglass folks figure 2 weeks to do repairs, so it could all come together yet.  If we can get approval this week, allowing two more weeks for repairs, we could be in the water after the first week in September, and to Chicago before October.  No decision yet.

So this week is just waiting, hoping, and wishing!  The weather has been beautiful, there is nothing to do here but rest and relax, soak up sun, and drink cheap American booze!

The pictures are of MaryBeth sitting in our new backyard (behind the boat that is behind the shed), a picture of the beach where we are staying, the facility, and a picture she took of me on a walk.

Love to all,

Joe & Mary Beth
S/V Pot ‘O’ Gold

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