Just After Night Time is the Right Time to travel the Trent

Although beautiful in its own right, the Trent Severn Waterway is different from both the Ottawa River and the Rideau Canal.  It was built over a period of 90 years, during different generations, so there are different aspects to each part.  It is also mostly private property on the banks, so there are cottages and houses everywhere.  There is no place to feel lonely, or secluded, with the exception of the Indian Reservation.  It has been kept to nature.  That is where, of course, all the fishermen and boats are.  The large motorboats do not generally stay at the locks, as there is no power at most of them (about 50% on the Rideau have power), only one so far at Frankford (lock 6) and you had to pay extra for it, so it seems they go to marinas.

Early in the morning is absolutely wonderful to travel.  There are no boats on the water, the sun is just rising, and the homes and cottages are all different architecture.

On the 18th we stayed at lock 20 wall, just shy of Peterboro and a sudden squall came up, lasted 5 minutes exactly, and we had 3 foot waves in the lock.  Visibility was reduced to several feet.  That must be what a small twister is like, only with damage afterwards.

We were in Peterboro for the Festival of Lights and Fireworks on July 19, and we met up with seven other “Looper” Boats (all motorboats from the US) and had a potluck dinner and our own dock party at the marina.

We moved a bit Sunday, so we could see the Peterboro Lift Lock (hydraulic pan lock, the largest in the World, 65 foot rise), it is one of only 2 like it in North America, the other one is in Kirkfield, also on the Trent Severn.  We moved into a big “bathtub” for want of a better word, both pans, top and bottom weigh the same with the water, our boat moving in simply displaces the same amount of water, then a hydraulic cylinder moves a small amount of water into the top pan, and it comes down.  I took a video of it from the visitors center, it drops 65 feet in 1.39 minutes.  They built this instead of 3 regular locks at this site.

We are currently in Lakefield (lock 26) and are hoping to be in Midland getting our mast up this weekend, the boat has felt crippled with no mast.  Of course, its only going to be up until Labor Day (Chicago), when we will be motoring for months yet again.

Love to everyone, hope your summer is going as well as ours is!

Joe & MaryBeth
S/V “Pot ‘O’ Gold”

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