Six weeks into the trip now!

This week the story is locks, seaweed, locks, canoeists, locks, anchorage, locks, Rideau Canal, locks, sunsets, locks, fish, locks.

We left Manotick in nice weather, not a lot of boat traffic on Monday, and we had already completed 16 locks, and were ready to do 30 more.  My cooling water intake got plugged with seaweed at the lock at Westport, when that happens, the motor overheats, and I need to stop, clean out the water intake lines, or I could blow a head gasket.  I had purchased screens for the water intake before leaving home; I just hadn’t got around to installing them.  I did that now, in Westport.

Ran into some canoeists there, they don’t purchase a lock pass, so when the lockmaster does not let them through for free, they portage.  That means carry the canoes and equipment across the rapids.

There were 5 of them, all brothers and sisters, their spouses refused to come.  They were between 55 and 75 years old.  Says this keeps them in shape.  Ha!  I think they’re nuts, but healthy.

At Smith Falls Locks, there are 4 locks dropping a total of 60 feet, you know, locks are a lot like Cod Fishing, sounds like fun, but after the first 20 or so, it becomes work!
Now about my “eat what we catch” program.  I have now caught sunfish, catfish, and today two large pike (proof is in the picture).  MB refuses to either clean, or cook them, so I released them all.  Now she is picky, and only wants perch, bass, or pickerel.  While I don’t think that’s fair, I am eating well so far, so no complaints yet.

MB took pictures at the end of the Rideau of the Canal, and of a Blacksmith.  She toured the Blacksmith shop at Jones Falls, and was fascinated with the old workmanship.

We have anchored in a few places along the Rideau, and the morning sunrises are unbelievable.  We could not decide between the two, one is the railroad lift bridge at Smith Falls that is no longer attached to a rail line, but the bridge stays, as it is a heritage site and very unusual bridge.  The other is the anchorage on Whitefish Bay before Kingston.

We did a total of 44 locks in the Rideau, and finished at Kingston Mills July 12, where we will moor for the weekend, to stay away from the weekend boaters.  We are then ready to begin the 43 Locks on the Trent Severn.

Love to All,
Joe & MaryBeth
S/V “Pot ‘O’ Gold”

One Response to “Six weeks into the trip now!”

  1. Karen Says:

    6 weeks already – looks like you are having fun but we are missing you – not sure about this year thing…. I am having 2nd thoughts! LOL
    Keep having fun and lots of love from PEI.
    Karen Trevor and the kids

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