This week the story is Montreal!

We met with Lee & Anna, had a visit in old Montreal, saw part of the festival going on, saw a young boy of about 8 years learn to juggle, ate tofu, stepped our mast, and met an amazing number of incredible folks at the Beaconsfield Yacht Club.

We stopped at the Beaconsfield Yacht Club on Tuesday, after passing Montreal, and crossing Lac Saint Louis. We met with their administrator, David Speak and made arrangements to step our mast, and have it moved to where a truck could pick it up. It turns out that Beaconsfield is a private club, and not used to strangers coming in. They have no idea what they are missing. The members are real, down to earth folks that made me feel like an old family member, and I was not uncomfortable for even one minute. The cooks and the food was out of this world (although that is typical of Montreal everywhere, I found), their social interaction was unbelievable, and that comes from me, who has lived the last 30 years on PEI where friendliness is expected!

Everyone who we saw stopped and spoke, offered advice, asked questions, and requested to be of assistance.

Two of their CPS examiners and trainers will be taking a trip to PEI this summer, Peter Sharp and John McLaughlin; I hope they have an incredible trip!

Stepping the mast with an unfamiliar mast hoist can be an intimidating experience; these folks made it a fun experience.

David has a ball driving the crane around (he took the mast to the upper parking lot for truck pickup), and the staff of Boson’s are professional and quick.

Lee looks great! He is on his way to South America now, so didn’t get home to the island this summer, we were very glad to be able to get together with him for a few days before both he and us go our own way this year.

We offered to take them to dinner, and after about 55 miles of walking (and taking the Metro, and taking the bus) they found a restaurant that they felt we would like. I had a plate of beef, and a plate of rice and mushrooms, and chicken. MaryBeth had duck and potatoes and mushrooms. We shared a shish kabob of a strange and interesting meat.

After we were all finished, and I had declared the meal was both different and good, Anna and Lee surprised us with the news that the food was ALL TOFU. Nothing had been what we thought, and this is apparently a famous restaurant in Montreal for veggie eaters. They got me good! Remember Anna and Lee, I have a long memory, and never forgive!

It was Jazz Festival time in Montreal, and although MB and I didn’t have the wherewithal to take the Metro into Montreal at night, we did visit part of the festival going on during the day. We saw a juggler take a youngster out of the crowd, and teach him to juggle as a partner with him in about 15 minutes. He made it look easy!

Our mast is now down, and Kerry picked it up (and visited and spent the night with us) and has delivered the mast to Midland, Ont. We are heading out for the rivers now, and will traverse the Ottawa River to Ottawa, hopefully in time for the July 1 fireworks, then the Rideau Canal to Kingston, then the Trent Severn Waterway to Midland Ont.

It should be a ball!

Love to you all,

Joe & Mary Beth

S/V “Pot ‘O’ Gold”

2 Responses to “Montreal!”

  1. Lee Says:

    It was great seeing you in Montreal! I had lots of fun, now South America is blowing me away, I was in Caracas for 3 days and will be returning in august. now I am seeing the sights in la paz bolivia and meeting lots of great people, and learning lots of spanish. Stay safe mom and dad!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great to hear the update – sounds like a great time. And it would have been fun to see YOU eat tofu!!!!!! How fun. Keep safe have fun and post lots.
    Love you Very much and we are missing you on PEI.

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