We have rounded the Gaspe

After years of planning, we are underway!

We left Charlottetown Monday around noon, and sailed to Borden where we anchored for the night. Tuesday we sailed to Richibucto, Wednesday to Shippagan where we went under the lift bridge, only cleared by a short bit, but as MB says, an inch is as good as a mile!

Thursday to Newport (across the Bay of Chaleur), and Friday we rounded the Gaspe peninsula. We stopped at a marina Friday at Riviere Renard and will probably spend Saturday here, as 30+ knot winds are being called for. I found out that my depth sounder stops working after 300 feet deep. (actually, it doesn’t we were reading over 400 today, the bottom must get soft and it has a hard time reading at times).

This marina just opened today, and they have no services yet, so our nights are still cold. They are still getting frost here, at Shippagan, the marina was not even opened yet, they were just starting to put the docks in. “Pot ‘O’ Gold” was the only boat there, and sure looked lonely.

We’ve had no real issues, other than we broke an alternator belt, luckily we had a spare. At Shippagan, we parked at the gas dock hoping to fill up, but they had no gas yet, so we drove to town for fuel, then spent the night at the gas dock. When we arose in the morning, we were deep in the mud, and had to wait for the tide to come up.

We will be staying at Riviere Renard for a day or two to wait out the winds. Our freezer is not freezing, so I took it apart and will attempt repairs when I get back to civilization. We have no cell phone here, no internet, and no heat!! We will go for a walk around town today and see if I can find an access point to post this blog. (and find a new nut for my wind generator, it fell overboard all by itself last night).

Its now Tuesday morning, we have been traveling over a week. We have rounded the Gaspe Penninsula, and are now in the St. Lawrence River. The story to date has been whales, cold, and windmills.

I am putting up a picture of a church with hills in the background, with snow still on the ground, another picture of windmills, one of our lonely boat in Riviere Renard (we parked next to the Coast Guard Inflatable, still covered for the winter), and a picture from last week, Perce Rock.

We stopped at Matane for the night after a long 70 mile run, and will spend the morning here. Last night was spent at a broken down wharf at Mont Louis, where I “Put er on the rocks”. There were no channel markings, so I followed the chart plotter closely, and when I turned to head to the wharf, the whole boat scrapped and went up in the air, we were in about 2 feet of water hitting rocks. Thank goodness there were waves to rock us off, we went about 10 feet hitting rocks before the depth was better. No damage appears to have been done, and our prop is protected by the full keel, but I imagine we scrapped a lot of paint off the bottomside. This may come back to haunt us, but I hope not. Too cold for me to go swimming and see.

I read in a book once that if you look a whale directly in the eye, you can see back to the beginning of time and your life will never be the same in the future. That did not happen to me, but we did see three whales coming up and down (I believe they are Fin Whales that we saw), one of them blowing out his blow hole on the way to Mont Louis. We saw one more today going through the cove to Matane. They are certainly huge.

Lastly, it has been cold. We brought winter clothing for this leg of the journey, and have not yet removed any of them, save for a couple hours during the day. Mary Beth still has her long underwear on, and we were both wearing touques today. Hopefully, now that we are in the River (I’m calling it the River, since I can see both sides, but barely) it will start warming up.

We hope to meet some folks in Rimouski tonight, we met them at Ballantyne’s cove a couple years ago, they speak no English, we speak no French, and yet we have managed to keep in touch for the last couple years. We have to stop and see them on our passage.

Love to All

Joe & Mary Beth

S/V “Pot ‘O’ Gold”

2 Responses to “We have rounded the Gaspe”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Pictures are beautiful! Looks like a lot of fun and warmer weather is on its way! Love and Prayers for a safe voyage.
    Your favorite Daughter

  2. Lee Says:

    Hey there, looks like you two are doing excellent on the water! I’m getting excited to see you pull up to the Montreal harbor very soon. And Happy Fathers day dad!


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