Only a few days away

Its only a few days away now!
The boat is bottompainted and in the water, awaiting the mast (hopefully if
it stops raining on tuesday.
MBA has the provisioning done and ready to move aboard. Ever had canned
chicken or beef? Its not that bad,
so she's bringing some, in case my "eat what we catch" plan falls by the

I have been doing some work on the engine, installed a crankcase ventilation
system, so there will be less fumes.
I have activated "the spot" and tried it out, and it appears to work

If you click on the picture of "the spot" either on my website or the blog, you will be taken to a
google map that you can zoom in or out of, and will have our locator
beacons, as well as the ok messages we have sent.

We will be sending a locator beacon once a day, that will also send out an
OK message to a few folks.

Blog updates (starting with this one) will be sent to those that requested
it (I hope!). I guess it would be silly to say to let me know if you don't
get it, so I'll just hope its working fine.

I am attempting to post this blog from my little handheld that I will be
carrying ashore in the future, so I hope it all works out fine, will be
making this post via email.

Next posting will be underway, hopefully in a few days.

Joe and MaryBeth
S/V "Pot 'O' Gold"

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